The Island Patriot Vessel

Designed to stimulate the world's biggest wells in a single mobilisation

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity

Capable of carrying 2,500,000 lbs of proppant, the vessel has been built to complete the majority of horizontal, multi-zone propped fracture treatments in a single mobilisation. Freshwater capacity is in excess of 400,000 usg with ship-to-ship or installation-to-ship transfer equipment incorporated for infield loading. Fully loaded with proppant, she can carry 350,000 usg 3% KCI water and all additives required for a typical 5 zone campaign, reducing the need to return to shore-base for mid campaign reloads.

Acid Stimulation

Acid Stimulation

An acid-carrying capacity of 160,000 usg 34% HCI allows the vessel to effectively pump 195,000 usg 28% or 380,000 usg 15% HCI in one mobilisation. The aft proppant tanks have been designed to be removed if necessary, allowing the vessel acid-carrying capacity to be effectively doubled. With a large liquid additive carrying capability, coupled with additional back-deck storage, very large acid campaigns are routinely performed without the need for multiple returns to shore-base.

Proven Stimulation Equipment

Proven Stimulation Equipment

The Island Patriot uses Stewart & Stevenson’s range of state-of-the-art proven fracturing equipment and comprise 7 x SPM TWS 2250 high pressure pumps, a Model MS-60-SS, 60 bpm automatic density skid mounted blender and 24 x chemical additive units. Total HHP is 14,000, independent of ship’s power with a maximum pump pressure currently set at 11,400 psi. All StimWell HP iron is rated at 15k and the pumps can be converted to 15k service with little effort.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Health, Safety and the Environment

At StimWell we are committed to providing the highest quality service to all our customers and operate in accordance with our ISO 9001 Integrated Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. The vessel, which operates to the highest standards of Health & Safety, is designed for zero discharge. In addition, there is provision to recycle any proppant returned from the well on clean out and the full portfolio of StimWell’s acidising and proppant fracturing chemicals are registered for use in all four sectors of the North Sea.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Dedicated to the continuous improvement of the vessel and its systems, the Island Patriot has seen a number of improvements since her introduction in 2010, allowing StimWell to maintain its position as a leading stimulation service provider. Notable additions since the vessels inception include:

  • Installation of a bulbous bow and an additional bow tunnel thruster, raising the vessel’s Environmental Regularity Number (ERN) to 99/99/99/98, and resulting in a marked improvement in station keeping abilities. The vessel is capable of operating in the toughest conditions, offering our clients the benefit of a significant reduction in non-productive time.
  • Addition of a 7th SPM TWS 2250 high pressure frac pump (skid mounted for additional flexibility), providing 14,000* HHP and 15,000** psi working pressure.
  • Installation of a new, purpose built, fully integrated, GOES fracturing control system
  • Installation of a new, custom developed treatment monitoring software, allowing customers to monitor jobs remotely and in real time

* Independent of ships power

** 10k standard, 15k adaptable (fluid ends in stock)

Vessel Specifications


General (P105)

Class: DNV Stimulation Vessel
Flag: Norway
Owner: Island Offshore
Yard: Ulstein Verft (2005)

Dynamic Positioning System (DP 2)

2 off Wind Sensor
2 off Motion Reference Unit
2 off Veripos DGPS
1 off Radascan Reference System
1 off Cyscan Reference System
ERN 99,99,99 & 98

Main Particulars

Length Overall: 86.2m
Breath Moulded: 19.0m
Depth Main DeckL: 8.0m
Max Draft: 6.65m
Deadweight at 6.65m: 4844 T

Machinery System

Main Engines: 4 Main Engines 10,340 BHP
Bow Thrusters: 2 x 1,200 HP Tunnel, 1 x 1,200 HP Azimuth
Stern Thrusters: 2 x 3,400 HP Azipull


Main Generator: 4 x 1,825 eKW
Emergency Generator: 1 x 215 KW

Anti-Rolling System

Two ea Passive Stabilizing Tanks

Deck Machinery

Work Crane: 1 x SWL 1.5T @ 15 m


1 pff SEV-SAT IP 128 kb/sec
2 off Satcom C. Part of GMDSS


Number of Persons: 36 single cabins

Marine Tankage

Freshwater: 112,000 usg+
Fuel Oil: 350 m3


Expected 4m significant wave & 35 knot wind


General Enquiries:

StimWell Services
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Vessel Address:

StimWell Services
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Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0) 1493 448021